Choice Lamb Cuts

Why eat out when we can supply you with the the latest restaurant style choice lamb cuts!

We have a whole lot more lamb than just chops and roast.

Click out the poster below for examples of our lean and modern lamb cut choices.

Modern Choice Lamb Cuts

Prepare The Crowd Pleaser
You Never Lamb Alone
We Love Our Lamb

Australia is the second highest producer of lamb meat behind China.  Australian lamb is renowned for being the highest quality worldwide!  At Terry Orreal’s Meats, we take pride in providing the utmost best of the best lamb that money can buy, for the best possible prices.  It might cost slightly more than in the supermarkets, but you will taste the difference.  That’s why, Terry Orreal’s Meats are famous for being the only meats so tender, you can eat them with a spoon!

Our Choice Lamb Cuts are 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

All our lamb is MLA approved, best quality.

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