Aussie Christmas Hams

Queensland’s Best Hams

Naturally Smoked Award Winning Hams

Queensland's BEST Boneless Ham 2012 - Naturally Cured & Smoked

It just isn’t an Aussie Christmas without a professionally cooked, ready to eat leg of ham on the bone. Our Naturally Smoked Award Winning Hams are perfect for eating cold or baking.

If you like to bake your ham, not just any old ham will do. It has to be naturally smoked – the artificial “smoke flavour” injected hams from supermarkets just wont do.

Hams differ greatly in quality; you want something that’s naturally smoked, and with a thick layer of insulating fat to protect the meat during cooking. It’s the glaze, too, that makes it really special.

Our succulent award winning hams are sourced from Australian farmers and smoked in-house according to our award winning recipe – perfect for eating as it is, or glazed and baked.

Glazing your Ham

Typically a mixture of sugar, mustard and lime or lemon juice, a glaze is a simple and really delicious complement to the salt and smoke of a good ham. Bear in mind the key points below and you’ll soon be glazing like the master chefs.  Removing the skin in a single piece is important as it can be used later to extend freshness in the storage of the ham.

Baking your Glazed Ham

Glazing is a technique that requires some attention: its success depends on building the layers of the glaze during the cooking process, like lacquering a fine piece of furniture. The sugar in the glaze will caramelise to a deep mahogany – you should aim to get the colouring as even as possible. A little water in the base of the roasting pan will prevent any excess glaze burning as it runs off the ham while baking.

Storing your Ham

To store your ham, buy a ham bag or use a clean old pillowcase. The ham bag or pillowcase should be rinsed in cold water with a little vinegar and wrung out every few days to prevent bacteria forming.